Underrated Trainees Part 5

1. Yeo Hwan Woong 여환웅 (RBW) 

I’ve gotta say I only realized he was one of the members in Replay Team 1 while watching Sorry Sorry Team 2’s performance. Mnet showed his reaction watching the performance in the waiting room. Hahaha sorry but that’s how I recognize him – the 대박이야 guy in pink outfit brushing his hair backwards 😂 You know in this position evaluation, thankfully he got the center position despite having people like Joo Hak Nyeon in his team. Although in the end people still voted for JHN, Hwan Woong definitely slayed his center position. Sexy af 👍 That head band with chest pump moves & expression of yours are killing me seriously. You deserved that center & I believe you’ll get through the next elimination. RBW guys are really all talented & of course I’m still sad about Son Dong Myeong being eliminated, let’s focus on cheering the leftovers now. Please make it to the finals & show us more of you! 😊 Eye Contact Fancam – [Dance] RIGHT ROUND 여환웅 

2. Im Young Min 임영민 (Brand New Music) 

Yes, Brand New Music doesn’t only have LDH, they have this next Kim Jong Hyun here – alpaca Im Young Min. Both Kim Jong Hyun and him are definitely the most selfless & kindhearted leader. Wait, prolly you’ll realize he wasn’t the assigned leader yeah I know. I guess being the only rapper of the team, he just wanted to help out a little on both Kim Dong Hyun (his labelmate) & Kim Dong Bin. He leaded Kim Dong Bin from zero to who he is now (being able to rap his part smoothly) & ended up making mistakes on own parts. Currently ranked 12th now & is getting 10k benefit votes so hopefully you’ll be able to squeeze into Top 11 by next week. Eye Contact Fancam – [Rap] BOYS AND GIRLS 임영민


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