Produce 101 To Have Big Twist in 2nd Elimination 

Allkpop Article – Big Twist in 2nd Elimination 

Firstly we have to congratulate our Nation Leader for winning the overall rap position from EP07! 💕 1등 축하해 우리 어니부기 ❤ I’m glad that the 110k benefit goes to one of you. 

Yeap so the 2nd round online votings ended yesterday on 20th May at KST11:00. Yeap they recorded the 2nd round elimination yesterday as well. Out of 58, only 35 are left going through to the next mission – concept evaluation. What kind of big twist do you think it is that they’re releasing articles on it? Should we guess 👀

Unexpected kind of big twist will be like –

(a) Kim Samuel on the edge of being eliminated – which is kind of impossible 

(b) Ren’s ranking – Idk at all whether will he be able to rise back up 😕 

(c) Park Woo Dam – if only Mnet broadcasted his performance last week during EP06, people will have more days to vote for him after watching the broadcast 

(d) Kim Sang Bin – seeing his ranking flew up from 60th after the 1st elimination I thought maybe he might survive through this round but… 

(e) Lee In Soo – the guy who covered Jungkook’s rap from BIL Team 2? Now in Kim Sang Bin & Park Woo Dam’s group, N Sync POP. He’s so not seen on the show, wouldn’t be surprised if he’s eliminated 👀

Wait, I mean, if it’s really unexpected, people from bottom ranks will actually make it through while people from higher ranks fell out. 

I don’t know. I need Ren to continue. But at the same time if he’s not going to make it into Top 11, at least leaving now will have lesser pain. 


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