Eliminated Kim Yong Jin Showing Support to Pledis Choi Min Ki 

Here I am again for a rough translation so that you guys can understand a little bit. 

I’m here rooting for Pledis trainee Choi Min Ki! Hello lucky MinKi MinKi! I’m your Angelinas Yongjin! I’m writing you this letter because I wish I can help you even if it’s just a little bit. Actually you were my senior from the same school (high school I supposed) you probably didn’t know but I’ve seen you quite a few times! I surely remember you because you seems like a really good & kindhearted person in our school to both friends & seniors juniors, so I was glad seeing the news that you’re joining the show. I really wanted to be close to you since then although I was quite afraid & worried, but you approached & talked to me first before anyone else did. From Pick Me to now, I felt really thankful that I was able to laugh, cry, and go through all hardships with you even when the cameras are off. I guess it was you who motivated me & it was because of you that I’m able to endure those hardships until now. Hyung as a person who works so hard and is so kindhearted & pure, I felt disappointed & sad that you’re still not shining bright to the National Producers, knowing you definitely have the talents, visual & popularity. I hope this short letter here can help you on your way to debut! This time in this concept evaluation, please do show us your MinKi Power through A Little Girl! Let’s debut! Please vote for trainee Choi Min Ki!  Thank you. 


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