My 5 oppa(s) have been singing & repeating their debut song for the past 5 years, are now finally hitting the jackpot! This program definitely in someway prolly like 50% of the initial idea came from the fact that you guys have earned yourself the reputation & recognitions by joining a survival show as debuted contestants. Giving some chances to the other idols in the industry – ahh we’re not really failed we do still have chance to shine 😊 But 18 out of 500 is crazy tho 😂 Instead of copying Produce 101, I’ll say that you guys are surely the inspiration for them. I’m glad seeing how all current & former idols are rooting for you guys on the show, hoping that you guys can walk on flowery path! 😁 Really a big thanks to TVXQ Changmin, Suju Donghae, U-Kiss Alexander etc. CEO Hwang must be too excited jumping around in the English Village knowing he have got his favourite senior (TVXQ) supporting him ❤ 
And I hope this new program will be another chance for them to hit the jackpot like how NU’EST finally did 💕 

2nd round of elimination & ranking :

1. Kim Jong Hyun 

6. Hwang Min Hyun 

11. Kang Dong Ho 

20. Choi Min Ki 

축하해요 어니부기 리더님 😘 하핫 


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