Firstly I’ve gotta say this confessor here is definitely a NU’EST stan which I’m a little glad seeing their fanbase growing 😊 And because it seems like you’re supporting more than half of them so I’m not going to point you out on leaving Ren out 😂 

But look at this shit here. Can anyone just kindly tell me WHAT THE F IS THIS?! If you’re to be this picky on every shit everyone of them has done, point every fcking one out. Not just on them thank you. Im Young Min getting 1st place in their rap position battle despite ALSO making a small mistake during their actual stage. Dongho being greedy you said? And then there you said their fans replying things like of course they should be greedy being on that show. Should we go more detailed on both Lee Dae Hwi & Joo Hak Nyeon? Dongho’s voice being not particularly standing out? They do already have quite a huge fanbase, before 101, but overseas. The reputation & recognitions they have earned now started only after 101, by local Koreans. 

I’ve gotta say – people should at least brain something before pouring words out. You don’t look smart at all commenting things like that because you’ve just became the exact criticizer you were mentioning. 

Samuel is good & talented but I felt bad for him having people like you as his fan. 


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