Lee Dae Hwi VS Joo Hak Nyeonย 

I used to hate the center. I said used to. But it’s not that I like him now, it’s just that I don’t hate him that much now. By hating on some of the contestants, I definitely wouldn’t help in benefiting my favourites I know. As long as I couldn’t vote, there is practically nothing else I could help them. Prolly seeing how Dongho doesn’t hate Daehwi, my anger just got lessen day by day. Like okay I should just let him be, at least this kid is now curing his Dongho-phobia. As long as Dongho is comfortable with him, who am I to judge right. ๐Ÿ˜Ž So Lee Dae Hwi โœ” you earned this yourself after knowing what problems you’ve caused due to your previous actions, at least you’re trying to lessen the hates that are aiming on you. 

But when it comes to Joo Hak Nyeon, I still don’t quite get it what is he trying to do or what is it in his mind. Greedy? Who on the show isn’t right. But when you’re over-self-centred you’re doomed. I was wondering why are you stuck in Top 11 all these while. Like what have you done so amazingly well I wondered. But no, it was all just about your face. (Which honestly I don’t find it interesting at all.) Position evaluation – Flo Rida’s Right Round. I’m seriously glad that Hong Eun Ki was the leader. Fair & square. I really liked how he sounded at you for being rude. Smart & clean. All you were thinking is selfishly stay in Top 11. So when you didn’t get the center position, you started showing attitude problems. Like even showing purposely in front of the trainers, that you aren’t happy with the position you’ve got. What a totally fcked up kid. And of course the public will only see this side of you after the broadcast which is useless afterall because the voting only goes to you that day on the battle day for your fake af thank-you speech. You can be greedy for your own reason. But your attitude definitely defines you. 

I don’t hate you. I just don’t find / see any hopes on you. 




As everyone knows, the current rankings based on online-votes are revealed through EP06 on 12/05/2017. A huge shuffle as everyone realizes. BoA did told them before they started choosing their cover song for Mission 2 – votes will reset after the 1st elimination so everyone starts from zero now. Tbh I wasn’t quite clear what actually happened to the rankings but as I see comments everywhere on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook etc I started realizing how did some (or almost half) of them rise so high up in rankings. People must be shocked seeing how Kim Samuel dropped from 2nd to 17th. How did Kang Dong Ho successfully went into Top 11 despite being at 20th for 2 weeks. How did Kim Jae Hwan went from 16th to 7th. How did Yoo Seon Ho get into Top 11 as well. How did Kim Sang Kyun (I was quite worried about his ranking last week) went from 43rd to 23rd. How did Yoon Ji Sung dropped from 3rd to 13th. How did Kim Jong Hyun went from 8th straight up to the 1st place. Resetting is scary tho. At first I was wondering did they even really deleted the so-called illegal votes coming from overseas, because I see 3/4 of NU’EST members are in Top 11 knowing they have larger fanbase overseas. Now I realized the deleting was real, they name it resetting – but doesn’t that indirectly means deleting ALL votes including local votes from Koreans? I was worried that people might start attacking on NU’EST again because of the overseas votes but instead that was exactly how Kim Samuel dropped I guess? His fanbase in China is too huge & that’s why he was constantly hanging around 2nd / 3rd on his ranking. But now that overseas votes are eliminated & at the same time the votes are resetted, there aren’t many Koreans left supporting him. I’m not an anti I have to say. It’s just that there are too many comments I saw about him being not that particularly attractive to Koreans.

Anyways, RESETTING sounds fair. If it wasn’t resetted, it’s always STILL be the same few people & it’s definitely difficult for the others to catch up no matter how hard you vote everyday. I have 1 Korean friend who told me that his friends gave up on voting because the votes for the same few Top 11 nominators are too solid so there’s no way for the others to catch up. (According to what happened in Season 1 it seems.) 

And it happens to reset just right when NU’EST is finally getting well known. It happens to reset just right when Kang Daniel’s foul play case gets winning effect. It happens to reset when Kim Jae Hwan is getting recognized for his amazing vocal after Min Hyun took him over to his Sorry Sorry Team 2. There are seriously a lot of fantastic vocals in this season but it was really lucky for him to be chosen by smart people. Hwang Min Hyun & Kim Jae Hwan definitely benefited each other. It happens to reset when netizens finally realizes those few on top are solely overrated. To be honest? Real talented trainees are all underrated while those overrated ones are really just some empty casings. Look at how people like Kim Sung Ri (C2K), Kim Yong Guk (Choon), Kim Tae Dong (The Vibe Label), Hong Eun Ki (GON), Lee Kwang Hyun (Starship), Yoo Hee Suk (Jellyfish) etc are stuck behind.

  1. Kim Jong Hyun (Pledis Entertainment) โค๏ธŽ
  2. Kang Daniel (MMO Entertainment)
  3. Park Ji Hoon (Maroo Entertainment)
  4. Hwang Min Hyun (Pledis Entertainment) โค๏ธŽ
  5. Lai Guan Lin (Cube Entertainment)
  6. Ong Sung Woo (Fantagio)
  7. Kim Jae Hwan (Individual Trainee)
  8. Kang Dong Ho (Pledis Entertainment) โค๏ธŽ
  9. Joo Hak Nyeon (Cre.ker Entertainment)
  10. Lee Dae Hwi (Brand New Music)
  11. Yoo Seon Ho (Cube Entertainment)
  12. Im Young Min (Brand New Music)
  13. Yoon Ji Sung (MMO Entertainment)
  14. Bae Jin Young (C9 Entertainment)
  15. Jung Se Woon (Starship Entertainment)
  16. Park Woo Jin (Brand New Music)
  17. Samuel Kim (Brave Entertainment)
  18. Choi Min Ki (Pledis Entertainment) โค๏ธŽ
  19. Seo Sung Hyuk (WH Creative)
  20. Ahn Hyung Seob (Yue Hua Entertainment)
  21. Park Woo Dam (HF Music Company)
  22. Lee Woo Jin (Media Line Entertainment)
  23. Kim Sang Gyun (Hunus Entertainment) โค๏ธŽ
  24. Takada Kenta (Star Road Entertainment)
  25. Lee Eui Woong (Yue Hua Entertainment)
  26. Jang Moon Bok (ONO Entertainment)
  27. Ha Sung Woon (Ador&Able Entertainment)
  28. Kim Tae Dong (THEVIBE LABEL)
  29. Lee Gun Hee (RBW)
  30. Jung Dong Su (Show Entertainment)
  31. Park Sang Woo (HIM Entertainment)
  32. Noh Tae Hyun (Ador&Able Entertainment)
  33. Kwon Hyun Bin (YGK+)
  34. Kim Dong Han (OUI Entertainment)
  35. Kim Yong Guk (Choon Entertainment)
  36. Yoo Hwae Seung (FNC Entertainment)
  37. Kim Tae Min (Hanahreum Company)
  38. Hong Eun Ki (GON Entertainment)
  39. Kim Sang Bin (Individual Trainee)
  40. Woo Jin Young (HF Music Company)
  41. Kim Dong Hyun (Brand New Music)
  42. Joo Jin Woo (MMO Entertainment)
  43. Lee Kwang Hyun (Starship Entertainment)
  44. Byun Hyun Min (K-Tigers Entertainment)
  45. Yoon Hee Suk (Jellyfish Entertainment)
  46. Lee Ki Won (2Y Entertainment)
  47. Kim Nam Hyung (Show Entertainment)
  48. Justin (Yue Hua Entertainment)
  49. Kim Tae Woo (Narda Entertainment)
  50. Lee Yoo Jin (Namoo Actors)
  51. Kim Sung Ri (C2K Entertainment)
  52. Yoon Jae Chan (THEVIBE LABEL)
  53. Kim Yong Jin (Wings Entertainment)
  54. Yeo Hwan Woong (RBW)
  55. Kim Ye Hyun (WIDMAY Entertainment)
  56. Lee In Soo (Individual Trainee)
  57. Jung Jung (Yue Hua Entertainment)
  58. Lee Joon Woo (FNT Entertainment)
  59. Kim Dong Bin (Kiwi Media Group)

Potential CEO-To-Be ํ™ฉ๋ฏผํ˜„

To be a CEO, first thing is I have to look mature & serious so I’m sorry guys I’m just holding in my laughters & expressions. Even with 2 pabo(s) behind me posing with their lightsticks on my head, I have to stay calm. I do have a list of trainees which I’m definitely going to cast them into my company in the future.

1. Kim Jae Hwan

He should be glad that I spotted him & took him over to my Sorry Sorry Team 2 ๐Ÿ˜Ž Since you’re an individual trainee, please do come to my company.

2. Kim Yong Guk

Didn’t know he’s such a vocal guy. Did I just spotted another amazing vocal? Yes he’s mine now.

3. Lai Guan Lin

Come on he’s my nephew. Both Dongho & Jonghyun’s son. Should we (NU’EST) just adopt him as our son? ๐Ÿ˜‚ Didn’t expect a 17-year-old kid to be so sexy & powerful in rapping. He used to be a ๋ณ‘์•„๋ฆฌ wasn’t he? I’m glad that both my brothers taught him so well that I’m seeing potential in him.

Kang Dong Ho & Lee Dae Hwiย 

This fanart is too cute I have to share it. Credits to the rightful owner – @2B_P101

Lee Dae Hwi looks like he’s getting green-er & blue-er ๐Ÿ˜‚ Well our ๊ณต์ฃผ๋‹˜ isn’t that scary… He’s just ermmm being expressionless in his way. If Hwang Min Hyun is a stone, our Princess Dongho is a fierce stone. Princess ermmm this princess thingy came in because that was his dream! Of becoming a princess when I grow up ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ OH MY GOD my dear how can you be a princess? To be exact, it was Little Dongho’s dream. He had successfully turned himself into this muscular Sexy Bandit here.

Some PD101 Trainees Aren’t Given Micย 

Allkpop Article – Some PD101 Trainees Aren’t Given Mic 

Yeah man we’re not blind. What is this shit here? What is this shit here? What is this shit here? It’s so important that I have to repeat 3 times. What have they done huh? Why why do this to Choi Min Ki & Hwang Min Hyun? Did you just touched my boys ๐Ÿ˜’ Well at least you broadcasted a part of Minhyun’s interview I’m gonna leave you on that but why was it Ren who had to stay quiet throughout the whole episode? PD-nim could you please explain this? 

NU’EST / Pledis ๊ฐ•๋™ํ˜ธย 

I’m sorry oppa! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ No no, I mean ๊ณต์ฃผ๋‹˜ ๐Ÿ‘€ Sexy Bandit is now turning into cute little hungry princess hahahaha trying to swallow his mic. I’m still a little sulky tho ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘ˆ that you didn’t get the 1st place despite covering the song fantastically & amazingly. Congratulations that you finally stepped into the Top 11, being the 8th ๐ŸŽŠ hopefully you’ll rise again to this point that you’re on a definite spot. 

NU’EST / Pledis ์ตœ๋ฏผ๊ธฐย 

He did so well despite having the least lines. He did so well despite not given mic to talk during their discussion session. Can anyone please look at him? International fans can’t vote now we can’t help him anymore. So please, Koreans? Can you guys please save this guy? He’s stuck at 18th. All the other 3 guys had successfully went up into the Top 11. It’s just him now. Please? ๐Ÿ™‡ Please go check him out on YouTube. You’ll see videos of him covering Lady Gaga’s song. He’s actually good in singing, nice tone & always stable but the fact that they have Baekho & Minhyun in his group… I think the problem now is – he lost all his confidence. Similar to Kim Yong Guk’s case? Please give him the attentions he deserve. ๐Ÿ™ NU’EST definitely want him to be in the Top 11 with them ๐Ÿ’•

I’m a fan of Sewoon too but the fact that Dongho did so much but not winning is really saddening. From the EP07 preview we can see that the final champion from the VOCAL isn’t Jung Se Woon. Is it going to be either Kim Jae Hwan or Hwang Min Hyun from IOI’s Downpour team? 

Position Evaluation – Playing With Fire