Produce 101 Underrated Trainees 

You know what, I found them so talented but underrated af. Well of course it’s hard for them to be more outstanding because screentime are always given to the same few contestants. (Not even to Park Ji Hoon but you guys sure know to who.) I’m still in the process of knowing more of the underrated trainees to recommend but for now it’s the 3 of them.

1. Jeong Dong Soo 정동수 (S How Entertainment)

A vocal guy but is willing to let his teammates show themselves. Volunteered himself to be Rapper 2 in Shock Team 2. With just a few sentences to rap, he did his part really good. No crack no running out of pitch. Wait, prolly you’ll be like well he’s a rapper? Contestant Ha Minho from The Vibe Label once asked why should a rapper get criticized by vocal trainers but not seeing singers getting criticized by rap trainers? He wasn’t wrong to be honest. So yeah Jeong Dong Soo got scolded during his practice sessions of Shock for rapping like singing. He started correcting his way of rapping and guess what? Sorry it’s personal preference but instead of Team 1’s screaming-like rap, he pulled off his part so well that he’s so vocally stable & harmonized, damn that’s a real unique way of rapping.  Eye Contact Fancam – SHOCK Team 2 정동수 Here’s to Dong Soo’s Insta Acc

2. Son Dong Myeong 손동명 (RBW)

Unfortunately he’s in one of the losing teams for this mission. I hope he’ll get into Top 60. I hope to see him in the coming episode. But do check him out in Shock Team 1. So apparently he injured himself but still insist on involving in the performance so he went on stage with one leg covered. There are too many amazing vocals in this season, he’s definitely one of them but it’s just not his time yet to shine. Oh guess how I recognized him? Hahaha it’s funny but have anyone seen him in the hidden box mission video with NU’EST Ren? Both of them were so afraid that they started screaming till the end. None of them actually touched the chicken feet but still were screaming like the end of the world. At first I felt so sorry for him because the situation was like Ren screaming too much that Son Dong Myeong didn’t even dare to put his hands into the box but at the end of the video you’ll see he was actually the one afraid of chicken feet that he felt glad he didn’t touch it. Ren was like “Ahhh it was just chicken feet” 😐😂 Eye Contact Fancam – SHOCK Team 1 손동명

3. Sung Hyun Woo 성현우 (The Vibe Label)

Can anyone recall him from Call Me Baby Team 1 in EP03 like 2 weeks ago? Hmmm I think if I mention Jang Mon Bok, that’ll help you guys to recall his team easier. He even offered himself (or as in agreed to help) for Jang Mon Bok to piggyride him for his entrance towards the climax of the song. His self-intro video wasn’t attracting much attention of mine but I kinda started observing while watching the first few episodes of the show, he was always one of the audience that had some short screentime, like at least he had so that was how I started knowing his existence. He was supposed to be the center of his team but got replaced due trainer Kahi’s suggestion. Felt sad for him on that tho. Same goes to Kim Dong Bin from Kiwi Media Group, the first chosen / agreed center but got replaced afterwards. How would you guys feel? Did I just got my position snatched away? Out of a sudden? Hopefully more Koreans will vote for him in the coming voting sessions. 🙏 Oh not to forget, he’s a rapper & definitely slayed it during their company evaluation. But no, The Vibe Label’s performance wasn’t aired officially during the broadcast, Mnet only uploaded it on their official YouTube / Naver accounts afterwards. (P/S : Don’t you think he looks bit like YG’s Yang Hyun Suk?) 😂 While inserting performances’ links, I re-watched their fancams & realized he’s really sexy with his eye makeup. *dying inside* Eye Contact Fancam – CALL ME BABY Team 1 성현우