I know. I know that you aren’t happy at all ever since the beginning of the show. I know neither of you guys are happy to be on the show. But as episode goes by, I slowly see JR & Minhyun finally gaining recognitions starting from Sorry Sorry Team 2. I know if Minhyun were to select all of his members to be on his team, NU’EST will just get more hates & malicious comments. In order to team up with 1 of them & indirectly help him, he chose JR. He suggested & gave JR the chance to show everyone his leadership. Both of them definitely made their performance a legendary stage. Second evaluation, not knowing who might be in your group & whether you’re given a chance to choose the song you want, the 19th place Ren & 20th place Baekho were standing right beside each other, I believe they did discuss to choose the same song (if possible) thinking of boosting up their popularity like how the other 2 guys did. In NU’EST, Ren is the center & Baekho is the main vocal, so both shines. But here in 2nd evaluation, vocal position – Playing With Fire, you’ll become the center if you’re the main vocal so Baekho had it all to himself. And having NAYANA center in their group, there aren’t many people left discussing about Ren’s existence in the group. ALSO BECAUSE HE WASN’T GIVEN A MIC.

After given the new nickname Fireproof Bandit, Baekho went straight up in his ranks to the 8th place after the vote resetting, leaving Ren behind alone. Second elimination, Baekho successfully stepped into Top11 with both JR & Minhyun. Again, Ren is left behind on the 20th. Replay & look at how worried af JR’s face was when Ren was announced as the 20th. Everyone (including themselves) knows it’s kinda impossible for all 4 to re-debut together so Mnet chose to mute Ren. No mic no screentime.

They recorded the third elimination on the 3rd June & since then many different rumors had been spread mentioning Ren is eliminated. I SERIOUSLY HATE THOSE STUPID RUMORS. Eliminated or not, shut up & watch EP10 on the coming Friday. And it’s really heartbreaking seeing how individual fans (not NU’EST stan) of either JR / Minhyun / Baekho giving up on saving / voting Ren. Look how desperated the surroundings & situations had led him to that he had to indirectly beg PJH a few times for the center position just so that people can look at him for a while more. Can we not give up on him?


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